Batch 5 – Primary

As mentioned in the Intro for Batch 5, I’ve decided to do a high ABV batch with some residual sweetness.  This batch will involve lots of sugar, ale yeast, and gravity math.

First step is to add pounds of sugar.  I’ve poured out some base juice into a large pot and I’m heating it up to add the sugar.  Not to the point of boiling (I’d prefer not to heat the cider at all to avoid messing with the pectin), but enough to create a supersaturated solution with the sugar.  Once I had 3 lbs added, I poured everything back into the carboy and mixed it up.  The gravity comes out to be 1.035 – right about where we want it.

2017-05-15 19.09.33


This will theoretically be above 18% alcohol if all the fermentable sugars were fermented.  I’m still expecting a 12-14% ABV with some residual sweetness – but we’ll see where the nottingham ale yeast takes it.

I’m guessing fermentation will take a bit longer due to how much fermentable sugar there is.  I’m also strongly considering a secondary for this batch to let it clear up and mellow out.


2017-05-15 19.15.37


EDIT:  After 5 weeks, the airlock is still bubbling every 15 seconds or so.  Going to let it go for another week or two and rerack it.


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