Batch 2.2 – Bottling

I’m super excited for this.  Look at that deep red color.  After two rounds of filtration, things have settled and they look good.



Bottling went nice and smooth with the help of my flatmate again.  We got to try a very tasty cider.  The cherry flavor came through strong, making it a bit tart.  The hint of orange was light, but present.  Its not too bad now (especially for someone who doesn’t mind sours) – but this will become quite smooth in a few months.  I can’t wait.



Batch 2.2 – Update 2

After ~10 days or so, I’ve decided that batch 2.2 has had enough time absorbing the flavors of the cherries and orange peels.  Instead of using the usual bottling process with the tubes, I’ve decided to use a funnel and filter to filter out all the solids, half of which are still floating.  You can see that theres some sediment that got stirred out.  I’m going to let it settle for a bit before either bottling or doing another round of filtering.