Batch 3 – Primary

After dealing with batch 2, I’ve got room for another gallon.  I decided to go back and try another EC-1118 batch after opening one of my original growlers.  It turned out pretty good after some more aging.

Remembering the overflow I had in batch 1.2, I knew I needed to take a little out.

Which was pretty convenient, since I also needed to use my new hydrometer and graduated cylinder to figure out the gravity!  I’ll go over the details in a different post – but the OG is 1.050.  Assuming the previous ciders from whole foods have a similar OG, my cider is probably around 5% alcohol since I’ve let my primaries go until fermentation ends and the cider is dry.

Pretty excited to see how batch 3.1 does.

2017-01-22 16.43.55.jpg


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