Batch 2 – Bottling

Batch two has been going for a month or so now, so its time to bottle!  Or at least, its time to bottle half of it.  I’ve decided to bottle 1 of the carboys to see how it differs from my first batch of Nottingham Ale.  The second carboy I’m going to move to secondary and add some flavor – but more on that in the next post.

With my lessons learned from the first batch, I’ve enlisted the help of my new flatmate to bottle things.  Having an extra set of hands is going to make things much easier.

As usual, I’ve sanitized everything in preparation.  I’ve got my carboys on a high table, and my bottles on the ground.  I’ve also got a nice new set of 16oz pop top bottles to bottle into.  And a few smaller ~11oz pop top bottles that happened to contain some good German Dunkel (good excuse to buy and drink some beer, I needed the bottles!).


A second set of hands really did make everything easier.  I’m able to hold the pump steady to avoid disturbing the yeast.  My flatmate is able to hold the bottles and use the bottling wand.  I’ve even got an extra hand to take some photos of the process!


A taste test proves pretty promising.  It already tastes better than the first batch.  I’ll let these age for a bit, but I’ll be breaking them out at some event or another.  I ended up with 7 full 16oz bottles and a half-full 11oz bottle – which I’ll drink quickly since it isn’t filled up to the neck.  Batch 2.1 is looking pretty good.




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