Batch 2 – Primary

Wooh!  Time for the second batch.  I’ve got a new place, with a new basement, and a handful of lessons learned from my first batch.  I’ve let my cider from the first batch age a month or two before opening a growler of each – I’m definitely liking v1.1 with the Nottingham Ale yeast, so I’ll actually be doing 2 gallons with that yeast this time.

I now have a hydrometer – so I wanted to check the original gravity of my juice…but it turns out that I didn’t quite know how hydrometers work, and I didn’t actually have a tall enough vessel to use it.  Time to add a graduated cylinder to my amazon cart so that I’ll be ready next batch.  And I’ll also plan to do a “how to” post since using the hydrometer didn’t quite work the way I thought it did.

Other than that, this batch was pretty straightforward.  Sanitize everything.  Pitch some yeast.  Place airlock.  Time to wait a bit for v2.1 and v2.2 to do their thing.




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