Guest batch!

I visited my parents for a couple weeks for the holidays and had plenty of downtime.  Turns out my dad had a couple of cider/beer making kits laying around and wanted to try making some cider!  Since he had pieces and parts from two different sets, we Frankensteined something together…

His first set of supplies was from a Mr Beer cider refill for a plastic keg set that we’d gotten him a few years ago.  The keg wasn’t super high quality and didn’t survive a move – but he still had a cider pack that came with concentrated apple juice, yeast, and sanitizer.

The second kit was a more traditional set of supplies.  It came with a 1 gallon carboy, airlock, and bottling tubing.

So we looked up the instructions for the Mr Beer kit, halved it since it was supposed to make 2 gallons – and made the cider base.  It ended up being the concentrated juice, water, and brown sugar.  We added that to the 1 gallon carboy, pitched the yeast, and popped on the airlock.

I won’t be there to bottle it (or try it) – but I’m sure it will be interesting!



Batch 2 – Primary

Wooh!  Time for the second batch.  I’ve got a new place, with a new basement, and a handful of lessons learned from my first batch.  I’ve let my cider from the first batch age a month or two before opening a growler of each – I’m definitely liking v1.1 with the Nottingham Ale yeast, so I’ll actually be doing 2 gallons with that yeast this time.

I now have a hydrometer – so I wanted to check the original gravity of my juice…but it turns out that I didn’t quite know how hydrometers work, and I didn’t actually have a tall enough vessel to use it.  Time to add a graduated cylinder to my amazon cart so that I’ll be ready next batch.  And I’ll also plan to do a “how to” post since using the hydrometer didn’t quite work the way I thought it did.

Other than that, this batch was pretty straightforward.  Sanitize everything.  Pitch some yeast.  Place airlock.  Time to wait a bit for v2.1 and v2.2 to do their thing.