Batch 1 – Primary

Enough prep.  Time to start actually doing stuff.


I’ve done my shopping as detailed in the Batch 1 – Process post and I’m ready to go.  I’ve got cider.




I’ve got yeast.




Time to sanitize things.  I threw the airlocks, stoppers, and a few measuring utensils into a bucket of sanitizer.  I probably could have used a lot less sanitizer, something to note for next time.


Time to actually put the yeast in.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a scale (note to self – buy small kitchen scale) to weigh out 1 gram of yeast.  So I have to make do and divide the yeast into small piles that are more or less even.  This was fairly easy with the 5g of EC-1118.  It was much more difficult with the Nottingham ale yeast.

Pitching the yeast is pretty easy.  Just gently pour the yeast into the cider.  Don’t stir or anything, you just throw it in basically.  If some gets stuck on the side, you can gently swirl the cider to get it off.  The yeast will sink on its own and start getting to work.

Next step is to fit the airlocks.  Put the airlock through the hole in the stopper, and place the stopper firmly into the mouth of the carboy.  Boom.  Add your sanitizer mix to the airlock until it reaches the max fill line and cap it.  Alternatively you can use vodka – but sanitizer is cheaper and you have some right there.

And thats it.  Place your cider somewhere thats 55-70 degress Fahrenheit (give or take) and away from sunlight.  I’d also put a towel down under them just in case.  Now we wait.  And wait.  And wait.



My EC-1118 batch (1.2.1) ran into a bit of an issue.  My yeast went crazy for that cider and bubbled over!  Lesson learned for next time – take out some juice from the jar to create headroom.  If this does happen, sanitize your 3rd airlock and replace the dirty one with a clean one.



And thats more or less it for primary!  Now to wait for a month…


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