As I make more and more ciders, its going to be hard to keep track of each batch.  So I’m going to name the batches accordingly.  Since I mess around with software, I’m going to give my ciders “versions”.


The first number is going to be the batch number.  Pretty simple.  First batch is going to be 1.x.x and the second batch is going to be 2.x.x and so on.


The second number is going to be the container number within the batch.  I’m starting out with 2 one-gallon carboys to start.  So my first batch will have 1.1.x and 1.2.x.


Finally, the third number is going to be the number of gallons in that batch.  I’m not sure this will really be necessary.  But its pretty easy information to add.  So my first batch will be 1.1.1 and 1.2.1.  If I switch to 5 gallon carboys or something in the future, I’ll have something like 8.1.5.


Theres two other pieces of information that I want to record, but don’t necessarily fit into a version well.  I’ll still be keeping track of these on the blog entries, but they won’t be reflected in the version. The first is the date.  I could use the date instead of a batch number, but the batch number gives me information relative to my cider journey.  The second is the type of yeast used.  This also doesn’t translate well into numbers, but I definitely want to keep track of it.


UPDATE 1: After thinking about it, the number of gallons in the batch seem pretty unimportant.  It might actually be somewhat problematic later on if I go with a 6.5 gallon carboy in primary to 5 different 1 gallon secondaries.  Sticking with 2 numbers seems like a better idea.  I’ll stick with the batch number and the container number within that batch.

UPDATE 2: With the addition of backsweetening, especially in individual bottles, it seems prudent to add something to indicate a backsweetened cider.  This is especially important to know which bottles of cider will need to be cold crashed.  A small ‘s’ on the end of a version number will show the bottle has been backsweetened.  So for batch 4.2, I have one bottle that isn’t backsweetened labeled 4.2, and the rest are sweetened and will be labeled as 4.2s.



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