Batch 1 – Intro

My first batch of cider, wooh!  Unfortunately I went ahead and made the cider without actually making the blog posts to go with it, so this is a couple months after the fact.

My intros are going to cover a few things.  First is going to be the batch information.  Second is going to be my goal(s) and/or ideas for this batch of cider.  Finally, I can record any other notes that might be worth jotting down before hand (if I have any).


Cider Wizard 1.1.1

  • Whole Foods Apple Juice
  • Nottingham Ale Yeast
  • Start date: 2016/09/22

Cider Wizard 1.2.1

  • Whole Foods Apple Juice
  • EC-1118 Wine/Champagne Yeast
  • Start date: 2016/09/22


Goal(s): Since this is my first batch, my goals are pretty basic.  I want to familiarize myself with the cider-making steps and processes so I can use that information for later batches.  I want to see what basic apple cider tastes like, so I won’t be adding any sugar or other flavoring.  I also want to try 2 of the more common types of yeast to see how they affect the cider.  I also want to expand my cider-making supplies – this batch will provide 2 one-gallon carboys that can be used for secondaries later on.


Notes: Since I only have the 2 original carboys, I don’t plan on doing a secondary fermentation.  I also may be moving – so I may be forced to bottle after a month.




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