Its dangerous to go alone – take this [knowledge]!  Theres lots of good resources out there on how to make cider.  Some of it is too advanced for me.  Some of it is too simple to be a stepping stone into more complicated stuff.  Thats why I’m making my own path forward.  But I’m certainly not doing it alone – heres a list of resources that I’ve read or used that might be useful to you!

  • Cider Subreddit – A community for talking about cider.  Varies from which commercial ciders taste the best to questions about homemade cider.  Check out the sidebar for even more resources!
  • – Great resource on making a 1 gallon batch.  Goes into some topics that might be beyond a new cider wizard.
  • Mother Earth News: How to make hard cider – Another good resource that has the cider making process.  Also goes into some interesting and complex things.
  • – Very in depth view on cider.  Good read, but very advanced.
  • The New Cider Maker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Craft Producers – THE book to purchase if you’re looking to make cider.  Its great for beginners and more advanced brewers.  Probably the best reference book you could have, as it will be useful every step of the way.

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