A Wizard’s journey

We’re starting our journey as a cider wizard. I originally had a system where doing more difficult tasks relating to cider-making meant that you might be a level five cider wizard or something.  In addition to being a bit too nerdy, a lot of the tasks aren’t cumulative.  Someone could use their own apples to make cider on their first batch.  Another could use a hydrometer to figure out the alcohol content, but might have been using purchased juice.  Which should be above the other?  Unfortunately it doesn’t quite make sense to do something like that.

Instead, I’m going to put some distinct goals and paths that can be taken.  Depending on your circumstances, some might be easier than others for you.  But whenever you’ve hit a plateau and need something more to do – this list should be a good place to start.  Eventually I might give them all creative names or badges or something…maybe…


  • Pressing apples
  • Adding various flavors in secondary
  • Backsweetening
  • Carbonation
  • Determining alcohol content
  • Natural yeast
  • Keeving
  • Balloon cider (hedge wizard)
  • Applejack (mad wizard)
  • Growing your own apples
  • Pasteurization



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