Mmmmm cider.  Hard cider, to be specific.  So if you aren’t 21 (or the legal drinking age in your country), then you should probably come back in a few years.

Cider is delicious.  Its a great alternative for those who don’t want to drink beer (whether due to taste or gluten).  The cider industry in the US has boomed along with the craft beer scene.  There are more and more ciders showing up, which can vary from artisan ciders (closer to wine than anything else) to the more common sweet carbonated ciders (more like beer).

Since I am a millennial, I apparently need a “side hustle”.  Some people have a project car.  Some people take up taxidermy.  I’m going to start exploring the world of cider.  So far I’ve done a good job of exploring the drinking aspect of cider – but now I want to look into making cider.

Cider is easier to make than beer.  The basic concept is simple.  Add yeast to apple juice and wait.  It gets a little more complicated depending on what you want your cider to taste like, whether or not you want carbonation, if you want to ship/sell it, and many other things. I’m going to start out pretty simple, and hopefully add in more complicated things as I go.

So this blog is going to be my “brewing journal” that tracks each batch of cider.  Its going to have my processes, the type of juice/apples, the type of yeast, what ingredients are added, how long I let it sit, and how the final product turned out.  This blog is also going to serve as an instruction guide for those who are interested in making their own cider and might not know where to start.  There are definitely resources out there for making your own cider – but they vary widely on strategies and difficulty.  So I want to create a straightforward journey in making cider that can be followed by other people, yet branches out to cover as much as I can about brewing cider.  I may also include amazon referral links to things that I’ve used – feel free to use them or not – up to you.

So, being the nerd that I am – I’m going to bring wizards into play.  Every wizard has to start somewhere before they get to Gandalf-level badassery.  So lets start our journey down the path of becoming a cider wizard.


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